Why is Officer KIM POTTER even on trial?

Originally posted on Instagram.com/celik.kayalar10 on Dec 12, 2021

She ACCIDENTALLY shot and killed DAUNTE WRIGHT. All evidence shows that she mistook her gun for her taser-gun.

Daunte Wright, may he Rest In Peace, was resisting arrest and already had an arrest warrant, when he was stopped by the Police Officers.
He did not comply with their orders, resisted arrest, possibly tried to escape, and was shot by Officer Potter with her taser-gun, by mistake.
Very sorry but Mr. Wright brought his demise upon himself. If he complied, he would have been alive today.

So, why is Officer Potter even on trial for first- and second-degree manslaughter charges?

Why has anyone been protesting, including “Black Lives Matter” organizers, and some misguided others too, while the tragic incidence had nothing to do with race or racism?

Yes, Black Lives Matter!

Time to speak up.
Time to stop falsely accusing our hard-working Police Officers of Racism!
Thank you🙏
~Celik Kayalar, PhD.
A relentless advocate of TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL.