Why Democracies turn into Dictatorships.

Published on Facebook on Dec 31, 2020.

The RULERS develop a NEED to stay in power. Could be because of their:
a) ADDICTION to the privileges and joys of power,
b) FEAR for the consequences of losing power. Mainly, the fear of:
1.Being prosecuted, convicted, punished (for some wrongdoing they committed while in power), including being sent to jail.
2.Being ASSASSINATED (because their bodyguards, etc. around them will be reduced and even rendered powerless)
The RULERS, while in power, could hurt more and more people – mainly their critics and political opponents – as they become more repressive, oppressive and authoritarian (dictatorial).
A VICIOUS CYCLE gets established:
Authoritarian Power leading to more Repression –> Creating more enemies by hurting (jailing, executing) the opponents –> Fear for retribution and revenge by those hurt (and their followers, friends and relatives) upon losing the power, by elections or otherwise –> Therefore, the Rulers go on holding onto power more tightly and dictatorially (un-democratically) –>
The Vicious Cycle repeats itself…
This can obviously (and, more readily) happen to the Rulers who did not get into power democratically, by free elections, to begin with.
Some examples:
Saddam Hussein of Iraq; Muammar Gaddafi of Libya; Numerous Rulers of North Korea; Iran; Africa; South America, and others…
No Democracy is completely safe from turning into a Dictatorship, due to the forces and tendencies summarized above.
Peace 🙏🌸
~Celik Kayalar, PhD.