When would you like to Start HISTORY?


What date works best for you?

How about
Okay. It’s the start of a new, peaceful Germany. So, all its prior Nazi atrocities, including the Jewish Genocide, do not count.

How about
Okay. Then, all the massacres by the European conquistadores of the indigenous, Native Americans do not count. It’s as good as “never happened”.

How about slavery?
Easy to fix: let’s just start History in 1865 when slavery of the Blacks in America was abolished.
Yes, but how about segregation?
Didn’t happen, if we start History around 1964.

In the Middle East, there are vast lands where Kurds and Armenians have been living, possibly for thousands of years. Then, they got invaded and ruled by others originating mainly from Central Asia.
The Kurds and Armenians think it is still their land. The relatively new-comers disagree.
The debate can easily be resolved in favor of the new-comers, if we simply start History AFTER they arrived and settled.

You see how easy it is? No need to argue, no need to go to war. Just choose a good, convenient DATE to start HISTORY.

BTW: I just heard from some “extinct”animals of North America (don’t ask me how). The mammoths are complaining that they got hunted down to extinction by the late-comer humans, starting around 15,000 BC.

Shall I tell them that they have no case, because we’re starting History around 5,000 BC?

~Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Distinguished Historian-To-Be 🤗