What’s going on between the Police Officers and Black Civilians?

Are the White Police Officers being Racist and brutalizing the Black Civilians in America?
No, they are not. 
It’s a myth, a falsehood that they are, as claimed by Black Lives Matter organizers, and some other well-meaning but misguided activists, Black, White or Brown, such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, LeBron James, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib…

Here are the FACTS ( Data, Evidence, Statistics that are unchallenged, and accessible to everybody through a simple Google search ):

Many Black Civilians are killed by Police Officers on duty, every year in the USA (close to one thousand). More than in any other Western country in the world. It’s a tragedy that needs to be remedied urgently.

However, about twice as many White Civilians are killed by Police Officers, under similar conditions (close to two thousand).

One may ask:
Why twice and not 5 times as many? Because, after all there are about 5 times more Whites than Blacks in the USA: 65% vs 13%
Here’s the answer:
About 40% of the blue-collar crimes (as opposed to white-collar crimes) are committed by Blacks (eg: burglary; theft; murder; domestic violence incidences that prompt 911 calls; traffic stops that escalate to violent confrontations between the driver and the Police).

About 50% of such crimes are committed by Whites, every year.
*The remaining 10% by other ethnicities.

Therefore, Blacks are over-represented in such crimes (40% divided by 13%) giving a CRIME-RATE of about 3.
Whites are under-represented (50% divided by 65%), giving a Crime-Rate of about 0.77.
The Black Crime-Rate is about 3.9 times higher than White’s. 
This will obviously result in more frequent confrontations between the responding Police Officers and the Black suspects. More frequent confrontations mean more shootings, and deaths. This will happen, and does indeed happen, without any RACISM on the part of the responding Police Officers.

Shouldn’t this very high rate of killings (some are accidental) by the Police Officers be reduced, regardless of the race of the killed or wounded? Of course it should, and urgently.

For one long-term REMEDY for this ongoing tragedy, please read my article here (dated June 3rd, 2020):
REMEDY for RACISM in America
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Thank You🙏
February 21st, 2022