The MYTH of White-Police brutality against African-Americans, and its Consequences.

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The MYTH of White-Police brutality against African-Americans, and its Consequences.


RACISM in America exits in many forms.
It must be eliminated! As much and as fast as possible.

However, racism does not exist in the police-force in the form of White Police-Officers killing Blacks in alarming numbers. It’s a Myth (untruth) that the White Police-Officers are doing that. They are not, any more than they are killing Whites during their regular policing-duties we all rely on. The evidence and statistics are very clear on that.

Any such death is tragic and should be reduced in number, no doubt. But this wish we all agree on does not justify the myth and the politically-correct but false-narrative which is highly pervasive in our culture, right now: Widespread White-Police brutality against Blacks.

Spreading and promoting this myth has tragic and dangerous consequences, such as:

A) Shootings of Police-Officers on duty.

B) Riots, looting, and other non-peaceful acts of unlawfulness, chaos and violence.

C) Attempts to substitute Mob-Justice for the real one, as imperfect as the latter might be at times (as we’re currently witnessing in Louisville, Ky, in the tragic death of Breonna Taylor, may she rest In peace).

D) Giving Donald Trump a talking-point, something for him to rally around, therefore allowing him to gain support among the electorate. It will be truly tragic if he ends up winning in November.

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PHOTO: 3 great Peaceful-Warriors against Racism and Injustice:
Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela