REMEDY for RACISM in America.

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REMEDY for RACISM in America.

What I’m proposing here is not a new idea, it’s an under-appreciated one.

RACISM is about EMOTIONS. It has severe negative consequences when acted upon by the members of a society.
In America, racism keeps raising its ugly head as it is put into practice in daily human-interactions, and not just felt and kept inside of a person.

In the recent police-killing of George Floyd, white racism towards blacks finds its extreme display in plain sight. Consequences are tragic, painful, and unacceptable.

These types of unacceptable occurrences continue in America, long after the Civil-Rights movement has started in earnest, in the 1950s. Many “We Shall Overcome” marches and demonstrations later, with the participation of not only African-Americans but well-meaning, decent and idealistic whites, too…

In 2020, can we say “We Overcame!”? Obviously not, although we made significant progress:
Laws have been changed, making racial-discrimination illegal. New rules and concepts have been introduced and legislated such as “affirmative action” and “hate-crime”.
Racial-Sensitivity trainings at many organizations, including the police-force, have been put into effect, as well (with only partial success, so far). Certainly, more rigorous training of the police-officers in this area should be implemented.

But, what is under-appreciated in all these positive, valuable efforts is the fact that EMOTIONS CAN NOT BE LEGISLATED.

Simply put, we can not make people LOVE one another by passing LAWS mandating them to do so. It just won’t work.

However, what is possible is that we can pass effective laws, and establish new regulations to achieve more ECONOMIC EQUALITY.

In America, this will entail moving away from the brutal Capitalism of today, and more towards Socialism. Ending up with a Mixed-Economy I’d like to call CAPSOC:
A harmonious blending of Capitalism and Socialism, with additional Social-Services such as Universal Health-Care, Child-Care, Free Education, Affordable-Housing, and like. A much stronger Safety-Net put in place, as well.

CAPSOC, therefore, will work for ALL Americans of all ethnicities (as it does for the citizens of the North-Western and Scandinavian Countries of Europe, for instance), and not for the top 10% only, as our current brutal economic-system does in America.

If America would reduce it’s dreadful ECONOMIC INEQUALITY through democratic legislations as suggested above, the ugly practice of RACISM would significantly diminish.
Not necessarily the racist-emotions we may all carry inside, but the actual, outwardly practice of racism will vastly be reduced. And, this very important and essential achievement is all we may be able to hope for, in the near future. Would be a great start…

Please watch my 3 min VIDEO on this subject, below, titled:
Could Eric Garner Breath in Norway?
I had made it in Dec, 2014, prompted by the killing of Mr. Garner in the hands of a police-officer in New York, 6 years ago. His killing happened under circumstances very similar to George Floyd’s in Minnesota, recently.

May Garner and Floyd, the two innocent Victims of Racism among many, Rest in Peace.
May there be NONE, in a better America, soon. Amen.

“Could Eric Garner Breath in Norway?” (posted on Jan 9th, 2015 on YouTube; 3 min in length)…

Thank you.
Celik Kayalar

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