RADICALIZATION of the Individual.

Published on Facebook on Jan 2, 2021.

Some people get RADICALIZED: they harden their positions, become more stubborn and quite unreasonable in defending their positions in the face of reasonable counter-arguments and criticisms (I’m not talking about the radicalization of groups of people here, such as Workers, Islamists, Orthodox Jews, etc, but individuals).
Why does this radicalization happen?
One reason is that the individuals experience unfair treatment, even false accusations (and/or they perceive it that way). Consequentially they suffer a sense of loss, humiliation and pain. All could be grounds for becoming bitter and resentful.
Some recover with a new assessment of themselves in a positive and constructive way, and proceed with no resentment and hatred for the injustice and pain they had experienced (Case-1).
Some become radicalized (Case-2).
An example of Case-2 from public-life (there are many others, all around the world):
Supreme Court Justice CLARENCE THOMAS.
In 1991, he was nominated to the Supreme Court by President George Bush.
His confirmation hearings in the Senate were intensely fought due to an accusation that he had sexually harassed Prof.Anita Hill (a subordinate of his, earlier in their careers in the Department of Education and the EEOC).
He vehemently denied these accusations, while feeling, understandably, publicly humiliated as such.
In my opinion, then and now, this public spectacle of accusations of sexual-misconduct was a Liberal/Feminist “overreach”, mainly aimed at preventing Judge Thomas’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, for his perceived lack of qualifications and his judicial track-record.
During his Senate confirmation hearings, it took Judge Thomas to forcefully and passionately declare “From my stand point, as a Black-American, as far as I’m concerned, it is a high-tech lynching” to get his adversaries to back down (they were probably ashamed at that point).
Judge Thomas got confirmed in the Senate by a vote of 52-48.
The rest and his voting-record on the Supreme Court since is history, as they say. So is his RADICALIZATION (my interpretation to what really happened to him) since these public accusations against him in 1991.
A recent example of Case-2 was potentially Judge Brett Kavanaugh being accused of sexual assault by Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, while they were both teenagers.
Senate ended up confirming Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
Will he also be radicalized as I believe Judge Thomas was? Thankfully, no sign of that so far.
As I mentioned, examples of Case-2 can be found all around the world. Among the individual “Rulers” of many Countries as well, regrettably.
Any prominent examples of Case-1?
At the top of my list is one of my icons and all-time heroes: NELSON MANDELA.
Remembering him with much respect, admiration and affection 🙏😔
Thank you for your time and attention.
Best wishes in 2021.
~Celik Kayalar