Our Democracy, Science, Arts… all survived the Cancer of Trump!👍🙏😊

Published on Facebook on Jan. 22th, 2021

My acting-student NADIA LATIFI in “CLOSING”

In 2016, Donald Trump had threatened to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), altogether.
He didn’t succeed, yet managed to cause untold damage to many of our other fine and essential Institutions, during his pathological presidency.


It took lots of ACTIVISM by many to keep the Cancer of Trump in check:
I, for one, had made the short-film CLOSING” at the time, as part of my ongoing resistance to Trump’s cancer.
It got well disseminated (never as much as an indie-filmmaker hopes, though 🤗 )

It won the “Media That Matters” Award at the Sacramento International Film Festival (April, 2017). Thank you Sacramento, once again!🙏

Enjoy “CLOSING” for free on YouTube:


Please also check out this recent Article at The New York Times (Jan 15th, 2021):
“Trump Tried to End Federal Arts Funding. Instead, It Grew”.

Dear Friends,
Let’s always stay vigilant and active against all threats, foreign AND domestic, to our cherished Institutions that make America a better and healthier country.

If we don’t speak up, stay politically active and engaged, the dark forces and dangerous pathologies in our society such as Trumpism will eventually win.

We still don’t have a cure for Cancer, but preventive-measures, early diagnosis and intervention surely help save lives.
The Cancer of Trump, even though it may now go into a temporary remission, will no doubt recur. Let’s always stay aware, alert and active!

Thank You 🙏
Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Writer, Director, Producer of