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How did we get here?
Where are we going?

The continued, illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel has always been the number-one cause of Arab (Muslim) discontent, resentment and humiliation, preparing the grounds for radical, terrorist movements such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The latest announcement by President Trump of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital will inflame the region. It will endanger Israel’s security further, while jeopardizing the safety of the citizens of the US and other countries which are deemed to support Israel’s illegal occupation and expansion policies.

UN has already voted condemning President Trump’s Jerusalem move by an overwhelming majority (Dec 21st, 2017). Further escalation of tensions in the region and elsewhere are likely to follow.

Even though the military capabilities of Al-Qaeda and ISIS are currently vastly crippled, their anti-Israel and anti-West ideologies remain intact. So are their recruitment capabilities among the disenfranchised and angry youth in the Middle-East – as well as in the West – for further terrorist strikes aimed at civilian-targets.

How does MOSES factor into all this?


From the lyrics of the “Exodus Song” written by Pat Boone (1961), the American singing-idol, Evangelical Christian and a great friend of Israel.

As it turns out, God did no such thing.

The most recent and reliable *Science on the subject says:

Moses never existed, he is a made-up, mythological figure. Exodus never happened and there was no wondering of the Jewish People in the desert for 40 years looking for the “Promised Land” either, because there was no promised land to begin with.

*Please look up the ongoing research of Professor Israel Finkelstein, the chairman of the Department of Archeology at the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Therefore, the story of “Moses, Exodus, Promised Land” turns out to be nothing but a “creation myth” for the Jewish People. Almost all nations, large tribes and cultures have invented such myths (for example: The Roman creation myth, with the twin-brothers Romulus and Remus being nurtured by a she-wolf, etc.).

Therefore, any claim by the Jewish People to a land that includes today’s Israel, Palestine and the vicinity can only be based on secular arguments but not on religious ones as in God’s (Yahweh’s) will and promise to His people.

The practice of conquest and claim to land by military means ( wars ) has had “legitimacy” all throughout history. But since 1949, the 4th Geneva Convention prohibits countries from moving populations into territories occupied in a war. Yet Israel has consistently done that in spite of this prohibition that is considered a part of the international law.

It is this author’s opinion that the legitimacy of the State of Israel itself has been established by the United Nations in 1947 ( Resolution 181 ). The Jewish People, after much suffering throughout their history, are entitled to a land to call of their own, and live and prosper on that land in peace and in full-security. This is a completely secular argument on my part, and not a religious one based on the “Promised Land” by Yahweh via Moses.

To reiterate: The religious argument for the State of Israel is entirely baseless, as the scientific-research on the matter by Prof. Finkelstein and others have shown. The secular argument, on the other hand, has strong merit.

Furthermore, the State of Israel does not have a right for expansion into other people’s land (Palestine) through war and occupation ( as in building settlements and moving its citizens into them ). It is an illegal act defined by the international law (the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949), and therefore has been repeatedly condemned by numerous UN resolutions to date. Even though the new lands have been “won” through hard-fought wars by the heroic and highly competent Israeli Army ( fully aided and funded by the US since its inception ).

The “Jewish Lobby” in America is well-known to be highly influential in determining the US foreign-policy in the Middle East, favoring Israel. Who can blame the Jewish-Americans who want to make sure that Israel’s safety and security are guaranteed at all times? The horrific memories of the Holocaust are still fresh in their minds, translating, understandably, into the motto “Never again!”, as it applies to today’s Israel which exists in a “tough neighborhood”, no doubt.

What is more difficult to understand is the zeal with which Evangelical Christians have been championing the cause of Israel’s occupation and expansion into the Arab land. The zeal of these Christian-Zionists would be laughable if it didn’t have tragic consequences for all the parties in question and the rest of the World. I say laughable only because it’s the Christians who for centuries have shown extreme animosity towards the Jews, practicing not only persecution but also genocide – all because of their peculiar belief that Jews have killed their “Savior” Jesus Christ, ironically a card-carrying Jew himself.

Now most Evangelicals seem to be united behind the idea that “Jews are our older brothers” whose Zionist aspirations they feel they need to support at all cost. Consequently, the Evangelical Christians have been extremely active and influential in American politics at every level in support of the State of Israel and its occupation and expansion policies. Their influence exerts itself mainly but not exclusively through the Republican Party.

With all due respect, it’s time for you to get out of politics completely. Your unwavering support for the Republican candidate Roy Moore in the recent Alabama Senate race was shameful, to say the least.

Your long-time zealous support for Zionism and therefore for the occupation & expansion policies of hard-line Israeli Governments have so far been based on IGNORANCE (can be excused to a certain degree because you were following, sincerely albeit dogmatically, what your Holly Book said).

Today it’s an entirely different situation: Your belief in the Biblical-Stories about Moses, Exodus and the Promised Land have been shown to be entirely baseless and contradictory with the scientific-historic evidence. In spite of this, if you still choose to continue with your politically-active Christian-Zionism, you will be engaging in and perpetuating FRAUD upon the American People and the rest of the World. Please consider notice served.

For the record, not ALL Jewish People* – in Israel, America or elsewhere – support the illegal occupation and expansion policies of the hard-line Israeli Governments, by any means (The current Israeli Government is headed by the hard-liner Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, who is under investigation for corruption as we speak, and may or may not last for too long).

A more moderate Israeli Government which will respect the territorial- and human-rights of the long-suffering Palestinians will be much welcomed at this crucial time in history. There is enough support in Israel and elsewhere for such a moderate, reasonable and more humane Government. Lets hope the change comes soon.

*Please watch my short-video on the subject, titled “SELF-HATING JEW” (3:14min on YouTube since September 2014) :

In closing: I hear that Mr. Pat Boone is now working on a new rendition of his beloved “Exodus Song”. It goes something like this:


A good start, I’d say. Lets hope his more honest Evangelical friends agree.

Thank You for your attention.

May peace be upon us all.
Celik Kayalar
Writer, Director, Producer of “The Traffick”