Published on Facebook on March 24th, 2020

It has none. It’s basically a very tiny package of various bio-molecules (DNA/RNA, some proteins, lipids..) organized in a simple way. 
A virus can not replicate on its own, only if it gains access to the inside of a living Cell (eukaryotic-cell of humans; other mammalians; reptiles; birds…)

We, the humans always said WE HAVE MINDS. It sure feels like we do.
Science says mind is an “emergent” function of the brain. No brain function, no mind.

A VIRUS not having a mind, does not have goals, aspirations and future plans like we do, either.
It’s going along for the ride, in the grand journey of EVOLUTION, infecting and replicating, like a mindless tiny little robot, an automaton (made of equally mindless bio-molecules).

It can resist eradication attempts by humans, not because it can make a conscious decision and attempt to do so, but because the viral population always contains natural, random MUTANTS (mutations in the viral DNA/RNA) that could render them RESISTANT to the specific anti-viral treatment (drug) devised by us, humans. 
Those mutants can survive, continue to replicate and spread, just like the previous generations of the virus, if not more “virulently”.

Therefore, the infinitely dangerous yet MINDLESS VIRUSES are here to stay, we the MINDFUL HUMANS have to keep dealing with them.
This is where Science of The Enlightenment and Mindfulness of The Enlightened will meet.
It’s about time…

May good health, wisdom and peace be upon us all.
Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Former research-associate and faculty at MIT, UC Berkeley and UCLA in chemistry, biochemistry and molecular-biology.