Major Philosophies that fail, once pushed to the extreme.

Also posted on Facebook on Dec. 8th, 2020.

Here are 3 major Philosophies in history which have plenty of merit, and do benefit Humanity in their moderate forms.
However, once pushed to the extreme, they fail to be true, and are no longer beneficial. This can be referred to as their proponents’ “overreach” or “overstating their case”.


Religion gives comfort and meaning to humans. The concept of God and the practice of religion evolved and was selected for (in a Darwinian fashion), for very good reasons.
However, looking at everything in the universe from a non-compromising, Religious-Perspective (Religionism) could clash with the actual reality and the truth as would be discovered by Science.
This has been happening all throughout history including now, with very harmful and dangerous consequences.
For Example:
Oppression, even massacre of other people who believe in different religions.

A political system where the government runs most or all of the economy. With heavy emphasis on economic equality, safety-nets, and government-funded services in areas such as healthcare, education, childcare.
Ownerships are mostly communal (by all the people) rather than private, and are administered by the state and the government (on behalf of all the people, in theory).

Examples of the downside to Socialism at its extreme (Communism at its very extreme):
Discourages entrepreneurship, risk-taking in business enterprises; may stifle creativity, even certain freedoms such as expression of ideas.
Brutality by those in power, leading to oppression, persecution, imprisonments and murder (as the case was under Stalin). This is of course a consequence of dictatorship/authoritarianism, not of Socialism/Communism per se. 

Defending, championing and promoting the rights and views of women which have been largely ignored in history, dominated by men.
Once pushed to the extreme, Feminism stops being truthful and beneficial to the society, including to women, themselves.
For Example:
Unreasonable, relentless insistence on a Women-President which turned off many voters in the 2016 Presidential Elections. This in turn contributed to the victory of an unqualified and unfit man, and became a factor in the defeat of a very qualified and fit woman candidate.

Don’t push any Philosophy to the extreme. Don’t overreach.
Otherwise, what is true, just and helpful stops being so, and starts hurting Humanity.

~Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Bioscientist, Educator, Filmmaker, Painter.
Writer, Director, Producer of THE TRAFFICK: a WebSeries aimed for Truth and Justice.