Greatest Statesman Ever.


War hero; founder of modern Turkish Republic; relentlessly secular reformist in trying to bring his Nation to the level of the Western Civilization and away from the Eastern (Islamic) traditions and influence.

“A genius like Atatürk comes to the world once in every thousand years. God gave him to the Turks” 🇹🇷
~Winston Churchill 

In 2002, Prof. Arnold Ludwig ranked Atatürk as the greatest statesman ever, in his seminal book “King of the Mountain”, based on a 18 year long scholarly study. His conclusion has not been challenged since🥇

So, why isn’t Atatürk more known and studied all around the world? 🤔
His life, ideas and accomplishments are more relevant to our troubled world today than ever.

My short answer is Western bias, hostility and negative propaganda towards anyone from the East (the phenomenon Prof.Edward Said brilliantly called “Orientalism”, in 1978).

Please read my 2021 whimsical, related article on my website, here. I’m being a tongue-and-cheek amateur historian😊:

Let’s hope ATATÜRK gets to be known, recognized and emulated more around the world, for the benefit of all humanity 🌎 

Thank you 🙏

PS: Also posted on on May 18th, 2022.