Published on Dec. 11th, 2017, on the Facebook of “The Traffick” (a popular WebSeries written, directed, produced and often acted in by Celik Kayalar).


EINSTEIN : Earth is round, not flat.
TRUMPSTEIN : Fake news!

EINSTEIN : It revolves around the sun.
TRUMPSTEIN : Fake news!

EINSTEIN : It’s 4.5 billion years old.
TRUMPSTEIN : More fake news!

EINSTEIN : Newton showed that Force = Mass x Acceleration
TRUMPSTEIN : Newton, Shmewton! Fake news!

EINSTEIN : Species evolved by Darwin’s Natural Selection.
TRUMPSTEIN : Fakest them all! More like Dar-lose. He’s a huuuuge loser!

EINSTEIN : Most diseases are caused by germs.
TRUMPSTEIN : That’s sick! Sick and fake news!

EINSTEIN : DNA is a double helix.
TRUMPSTEIN : Double fake news!

EINSTEIN : E = mc2
TRUMPSTEIN : Who says? Fake news, squared!

EINSTEIN : Donald Trump is a great President.
TRUMPSTEIN : Well, if you say so….

EINSTEIN: I was joking.
TRUMPSTEIN: You’re fired!!!