Published on Facebook on May 8, 2020

All contemporary Democracies adhere to the principle of One Person, One Vote.

Recently, I proposed a different approach that I believe will serve the interests of a nation better (April 8th, 2020):

In this new formulation, the value of a person’s vote will vary in accordance with some of her/his capabilities. In its simples form, these capabilities could be confined to two:
Education-Level and Cognitive Ability (IQ) of the Voter.

Both are deemed relevant to the value of her/his vote, and can be measured and quantitated with some certainty.
The simple Formula I proposed is: 

V = E x IQ /100
V (Value of the Vote) is equal to E (Education-Level), times IQ, divided by 100.
NOTE: As I had pointed out in my previous Facebook post, this formula is only a start for moving away from the dysfunctional One Person, One Vote rule. However, It will be difficult to get it accepted for implementation in actual elections in any country, including America. That, I realize.

What is the “DEEP-STATE”, and how does it come into this?
Several conspiratorial and sinister definitions of the “Deep-State” exist, as well as serious doubts that it exists at all. Here’s a more benign definition: 

An unelected group of government officials, mainly the justice-department, intelligence-agencies and the military that secretly influence the national affairs. Even “run” them, according to some commentators who wrote on the subject, previously.

The “Deep-State”, in effect, represents the 4th branch of the government, but without any constitutional basis or public accountability, operating in total secrecy. Because it’s members are unelected, their activities can be considered a violation of the “Will of the People” and the Democracy itself. 

Even though these members may sincerely consider themselves patriotic, and their covert activities to be in the interest of the Nation.

Does the “Deep-State” exist in some of the democracies around the world?
Most likely, yes.
How about in America?
Let’s assume it does, in some form or another.
The question is why? 

My answer is, because the relatively small, elite group of people who constitute the “Deep State” does not like and/or trust the choices the rest of the people (masses) of that country make in the elections. Without saying so, they’re in fact objecting to the election-results obtained by the application of the One Person, One Vote rule.
Within this specific definition of the “Deep-State” as above, it’s not so much that it’s members are power-hungry individuals, watching out for their own economic-interest and social-status, it’s that they find the choices made by the people in the elections to be naive, uninformed, manipulated and often unintelligent, therefore contrary to the interests of the Nation.

Is the “Deep-State” correct in it’s judgment of the people and their choices in the elections?
Yes, it often is. But, in a democracy everybody’s vote has a value of ONE, whether they are highly intelligent and educated or otherwise.

So, the ever-present but secret interference from the “Deep-State” can in fact be seen as a “Corrective-Mechanism” for the dysfunctional One Person, One Vote rule.

I’d like to conclude with a prediction:
If we could implement the Formula ( V = E x IQ / 100 ), or some version of it, in the future elections to come, the “Deep-State”, as defined above, would become obsolete and eventually disappear. At least in America.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Writer, Director, Producer of “The Traffick”.