Correcting a misunderstanding on how new & more dangerous variants of Covid-19 “CAME” to America

Published on Facebook on Jan. 27th, 2021

“Corona” by Celik Kayalar
Pencil on Paper

Press keeps reporting that new variants (mutants) of the Covid-19 are popping up in foreign countries:
Britain, South Africa, Brazil…
Then, wondering when and how it will come to the USA (or already did).

Here are the SCIENTIFIC FACTS that are not that well appreciated so far:

NEW VARIANTS CAN EMERGE within USA! They don’t have to “COME” from abroad, say by traveling, already-infected people (carriers), etc. Although they do, of course.

Viruses, in general, continuously mutate within ANY population. Some of these new mutants could be more transmissible and even deadlier than the previously-detected ones.
They may or may not be responsive to the existing VACCINES (eg: made by Moderna; Pfizer/BioNTech).

Therefore, it becomes truly a race to get the whole population vaccinated ASAP, while keeping track of the new virus-variants (their genetic-code is changing, randomly), and keep upgrading the Vaccines in use (modern science allows us to do that, fortunately).

Meantime, please continue exercising “social distancing”, wearing masks, and all the other preventive-measures we all know by now.

Best wishes to you all 🙏

~Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Bio-Scientist, Educator, Filmmaker
Writer, Director, Producer of THE TRAFFICK
A WebSeries aiming to fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE