Published on Facebook on Jan. 25th, 2019

Today, the World’s most successful economies are a harmonious mixture of Capitalism and Socialism, often referred to as “Mixed-Economy”. Here, lets re-name it CAPSOC for Capitalist Socialism.


If we place extreme Capitalism and extreme Socialism at the two polar ends of the Economic Spectrum, the middle of this spectrum would correspond to Capitalist Socialism: CAPSOC

China’s relatively recent economic success has been getting the rest of the World’s attention. Equally impressive but with a longer history is the economic success of the Western/Northern Europe (for example: Belgium, Holland, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland).

China, since Mao, has been moving from one end of the economic spectrum (extreme Socialism: Communism) towards the middle.

Western/Northern Europe, since the Industrial Revolution, has moved from the other end of the economic spectrum (extreme Capitalism) towards the middle.

As far as their economies are concerned, both countries/regions seem to have been approaching CAPSOC, in accordance with their own histories of social structures and norms.

I’d like to call this phenomenon the CONVERGENCE on CAPSOC. That is: ending up somewhere in the middle, yet by starting from the two opposite ends of the Economic Spectrum.

Economically speaking, CAPSOC may be a good place to be. And, not only for the Western/Northern Europe and China but for the rest of the World, too.
For example, currently USA may be considered more on the Capitalism side of CAPSOC, and therefore a move towards CAPSOC may be highly beneficial.

For Human-Happiness, which is more difficult to measure and quantify, CAPSOC may be a good place to be for all Nations, as well. History will tell.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Best wishes.
Celik Kayalar