CHILDREN at the MEXICAN BORDER, Separated from Their PARENTS


What will happen to them now?
Reports of them being abused, ill-treated and severely suffering from medical and psychological problems are already coming in. Was this tragedy so unpredictable? Of course, not.This is what happens when you let an UNFIT and UNQUALIFIED man – by the name of DONALD TRUMP – run things. A man who needs urgent psychiatric help, himself.

How many of these poor children will be reunited with their families, and how soon this essential and urgent outcome will be achieved? And, how many of them will be LOST FOREVER, literally and metaphorically?

OUR HEARTS ARE BREAKING. As decent and caring people, we should all be ashamed, outraged and demand action & accountability!

Dear GNECs (the die-hard Trump Supporters), how about you? As you may be able to tell, I still have some sympathy for you and a soft spot. You have been duped by Mr.Trump. So, you voted for him. But, you don’t have to stay duped forever, do you?

How about you REP-REPs (Reprehensible Republican politicians in Washington)? Obviously and fortunately, not every Republican politician is a REP-REP. We’d like to hear from them more on this and urgently. We need faster action from them NOW!

Honorable soldiers currently in the Trump Administration: Generals Mattis and Kelly, why are you still there, serving an UNFIT and UNQUALIFIED President?

“THE TRAFFICK”, the dramatic, narrative WebSeries dedicated to raising awareness and fighting the heinous crime of sex child trafficking, is extra concerned about these children. And, the danger of some of them eventually ending up in the hands of the criminal sex traffickers. Here, we’d like to warn against this potential horrific outcome.

AUTHORITIES in charge, what are you doing to prevent it? Do you have a plan? If not, please develop one immediately.

Meantime, the readers of this article may want to watch the 2nd Episode of the Season-3 of “THE TRAFFICK”, at the link below. It is specifically about the Latino Community in California and child sex trafficking (its a narrative, not a documentary). On Facebook & YouTube, at:

We, the producers of “THE TRAFFICK” at FABA have also partnered with the FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER ( Bay Area, CA ) which is providing invaluable services to the VICTIMS of domestic violence, sexual assault, child and elder abuse and human trafficking in the Community (including a large number of Latino-Americans).

Please watch our 4-min VIDEO about the FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER we at FABA recently produced pro bono. They very much deserve and need our support and help in their noble mission:

Thank You!

May peace be upon us all.

Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Writer, Director & Producer of THE TRAFFICK
Founder & Director of FABA