BS DETECTOR: Everyone needs a good one.


Mine works overtime.

It starts beeping!
Getting louder and louder, If what I’m reading or hearing is bullshit.
If it’s not, it quiets down… usually after I look into it further by some careful fact-checking and research.

I’m sure it happens to you too. But, it looks like it does not happen to everyone: maybe their BS DETECTOR is not functioning. I hate to think that they do not have one🤔

EXAMPLES that trigger and make my BS DETECTOR beep, quite often:
Politicians, especially some of the Republican ones (REP-REPs : the term I coined for Reprehensible-Republicans); Trump-Defenders in general; Anti-Vaxxers; Race-Hustlers; Some of the Evangelical Christians and other religious zealots; Global Warming deniers; Fox News… and, all the BS they put out.

Here, I’d like to elaborate on a specific but lesser-known case :
The alleged “Sexism in Breast Cancer Funding” by certain Feminists.
I don’t mean to pick on Feminists – I am a staunch Feminist myself – my purpose here is to show how they too can overreach, sometimes. And, can end up misleading others and deluding themselves in the process.
Here it goes:
Some years ago, I was watching SHERYL CROW (revered musician, one of my favorites) on TV, talking about her battle with breast cancer. Felt very sorry for the lady, of course.
Among many relevant and true points, she also made this one: breast cancer would be better funded by the Government (and Congress), if it wasn’t a predominantly women’s disease. Therefore according to her thinking, obviously there was SEXISM against women, perpetuated by men who populated the medical funding institutes such as NIH and NCI (and, the Congress).
I remember nodding in agreement as I listened to her. Yet, started hearing my BS DETECTOR in my head, beeping… it got louder and louder.
I had to do my own research and fact-checking on what she was alleging in regard to this funding bias.
I though a good starting-point would be to compare the funding level of breast cancer to that of an exclusively men’s disease: Prostate cancer.

I discovered (very easily, from the public records) that the facts were not on Ms. Crow’s side at all: breast cancer was more generously funded than prostate cancer by all the relevant Government Agencies (even though more men died of prostate cancer than women did of breast cancer, every year on a consistent basis).

Let’s fast forward to 2019 (Sept 18):
The highly educated, accomplished, no doubt well-meaning journalist Ms. LINDA ELLERBEE made basically the same “sexism against women by men” claim, on CNN, upon the death of her close friend and colleague Ms. Cokie Roberts of breast cancer:

“Cokie Roberts is gone and I’m angry as hell”…/18/opinions/cokie-roberts-ellerbee/

This time, I called Ms. ELLERBEE on her false claim of “sexism” in my Facebook outlet “The Traffick”, on September 24, 2019.
I cited the following facts which were one simple google-search away from anyone’s reach:
A) National Cancer Institute spends twice as much money on breast cancer than on prostate cancer, on a consistent basis.
B) National Institutes of Health spends almost three times more research-money on breast cancer than prostate cancer.

SEXISM in FUNDING? Maybe, but just in the opposite directions these ladies, Ms. Crow and Ms. Ellerbee (Feminist Icons in their own right) have been claiming.

It’s psychologically hard to even be skeptical about the claims of such admirable women, let alone to go ahead and do the research and the fact-checking on their claims. Yet, if you happen to have a good BS DETECTOR, and an honest interest in the truth (not in political correctness), you just might do it. And, everyone will be better off for it.


How about the BS GENERATORS?
Some well-known individuals who possess great BS GENERATORS are:
Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Laura Ingraham (Fox News), Marjorie Taylor Green (Republican Congresswoman).


I’m sure you have a good BS DETECTOR.
Would you like to improve it?
I’ll help you do that through online sessions (one-on-one by Zoom, Skype or FaceTime) with me for a fee.
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Thank you for your attention 🙏
Please continue to listen to your BS DETECTOR in good health 🌸
Celik Kayalar