Published on Nov. 23rd, 2018, on the Facebook of “The Traffick” (a popular WebSeries written, directed, produced and often acted in by Celik Kayalar).

Trump, Netanyahu and MBS

Current leaders of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Presumably they have a new plan to end the Middle East conflict and bring peace and prosperity to the region.

Trump: An unfit and unqualified man for the Presidency. Mueller’s investigation may put a much-needed end to it soon.
Netanyahu: Under investigation for corruption. His days as the prime-minister may be numbered. Wouldn’t be a minute too soon.
MBS: Two words: Khashoggi and Yemen.

Dear American People,
Hard to tell other nations what to do with their leaders and how to run their country.
But we have the privilege and power to do so here, don’t we?
Therefore, how about ending the reign of our own thug here in America, and asap?

Thank You.

May peace be upon us all.
Celik Kayalar, PhD.
Writer-Director-Producer of THE TRAFFICK
A WebSeries aimed at raising awareness and fighting the heinous crime of child sex trafficking, worldwide. A fight we can not afford to lose.