Arrest warranted for Climate Criminals!

Published on Nov. 5th, 2017, on the Facebook of “The Traffick” (a popular WebSeries written, directed, produced and often acted in by Celik Kayalar).

Arrest warranted for the Climate Criminals!

Calling for their immediate removal from office and trial for their crimes against Humanity.

The most recent, in-depth scientific-report shows that GLOBAL WARMING with all it’s disastrous effects on the Climate, the Environment and on all the Life-Forms on the Planet are mostly caused by human activities (such as burning of fossil fuels):

A fact that all the CLIMATE CRIMINALS from top down, TRUMP, PRUITT and PENCE have been DENYING all along. Their ongoing conduct and actions in office based on their denial of well-established scientific-facts greatly matter. It is clear that as long as they are in charge of running things, Global Warming and all the other urgent environmental issues will get worse.

Therefore, it’s time for their removal from office and trial as CLIMATE CRIMINALS.

It’s time for all their SUPPORTERS out there to admit their mistake, repent and redeem themselves, as well.

Thank You.
May peace be upon us all.
Celik Kayalar
Writer & Director of “The Traffick”
The Web Series aimed at raising awareness and therefore fighting the heinous crime of “child sex trafficking” worldwide.