An OVER-REACH by professional Women Athletes? (March 21st, 2022)

An OVER-REACH by professional Women Athletes?

They demand equal pay with men in various sports: soccer, basketball, tennis…
Is this a reasonable demand or an over-reach?
Let’s see:
In our capitalist system in America, such pays are determined by the MARKET. The CONSUMERS determine how much and at what price you will end up selling your product. This principle applies to all including the professional athletes, and the organizers/producers of their sports-events as well, needless to say.
The FANS watching the televised and actual sports-evens in stadiums, and also the commercials the athletes are featured in have the final say. That’s how the capitalist system & economy works.

An example from Soccer:
Source: The Telescope
“Economy, Not Misogyny, Drives Unequal Pay in Sports”
by Jake Koehler (April 19th, 2021).
“For the FIFA World Cup (Soccer), the men’s tournament brought in $6 billion, with $400 million going to the participating teams. The women’s tournament brought in $131 million, with $30 million going to the teams. This shows that the women’s teams actually received a higher percent of the overall revenue than the men’s teams did”.

Given these numbers, the Individual women players per person got significantly less than their male counterparts, obviously.

When your product is consumed less in the market, your earnings will be proportionally less. Nothing mysterious or unfair about that.
That’s what consistently happens to professional female athletes. Male athletes in team-sports like soccer and basketball earn more than their women counterparts because more people want to watch them play ball, not because of any sexism or discrimination.

So, is there SEXISM in Professional SPORTS, after all?
Yes, there is, but it’s practiced against men, not women.
In almost all professional sports, historically a separate league was created for women, because they could not effectively compete with men.

It’s due to the fact that males are physically stronger, therefore better than females in activities that mostly rely on physical strength.
This is a consequence of millions of years of Darwinian Evolution, and not any kind of patriarchy or male conspiracy.

One illustrative Example from Tennis:
The Number-1 ranking woman tennis-player in the world always makes millions of dollars through tournaments and commercials. Great for her!
Yet, it’s estimated that she would not even rank among the top 100 male players in the world. In other words, more than 100 male players would be favored to beat her in every game, one-on-one.
*This estimate was publicly expressed by the great Chris Evert years ago, while she was the No-1 woman tennis-player in the world. Kudos to her for telling the truth.
By the way, her estimate applies to all the Number-1 woman tennis-players throughout the sport’s history, not just to her.

On the other hand, nobody knows the name of, say, Number-101 (or, 102, 103 …) male tennis-player in the world. He doesn’t make much money through playing tennis either, if any.
If he were allowed to compete in the female league, he would rank Number-1 and would be favored to beat every women player in every game. Of course, with the current rules in effect, he wouldn’t be allowed to.
Is he being discriminated on account of his sex? Could he make a case that he is, and all the other thousands of male athletes, too? Maybe he could, what do you think?

Women athletes are now  vehemently protesting TRANSGENDERS (transformed from male to female) who are competing and winning in the women’s leagues. What’s the legal and moral basis of their protest? Do they have one? I don’t think so, sorry.
To put it mildly:
What’s good for the goose is good for the gender.
To put it bluntly: 
Live by the sword, die by the sword?

In effect, SPORTS are currently SEGREGATED by GENDER ( whereas, thankfully they no longer are segregated by race ). They are segregated by design: by the request and full approval of women, because it BENEFITS them, financially and otherwise. A discriminatory-practice everybody nowadays would rightfully object to in other settings, for example in the practice of Law, Medicine, Engineering, Teaching, Film-Directing, and on and on…
Can you imagine a Law Firm that would only employ women, and turn down all the male applicants? This would be deemed discrimination, and rightfully so, wouldn’t it?

When it benefits them, sexism and segregation seem to be okay by women. In fact sometimes demanded and received by them, as in professional sports. Rather convenient but hypocritical, don’t you think?

So, what’s the REMEDY for this ongoing hypocrisy in professional sports?

How about having just one league, one category where ALL genders, including LGBT, compete? All on the basis of MERIT only.
No segregation, no discrimination, no sexism.
Fat chance of that ever happening.
Because, we all know women would not allow it. Perhaps without even realizing that they are being hypocritical on this issue. 
If I’m being super-critical of women athletes here, please let me know, I’m willing to reconsider my position.

PS: We ALL Over-Reach at some point:
Feminists, Socialists, Capitalists, Religious-Pious, Atheists, Scientists, Social-Activists … we all do, without even realizing it, unfortunately. It’s in the interest of the society that someone reminds us we did.
Please read my Article (Dec, 2020) on this subject at:

Thank you for your time and attention🙏
Celik Kayalar, PhD.
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