A Surprising Suggestion to Liberals

A Surprising Suggestion to Liberals🤔

Dear Liberal, Democrat Friends,

Please watch Fox News, and Fox-TV’s related programs.
The twitter-messages from their viewers are very informative to read, too (online).
I’m doing that, regularly.

Why do I suggest this?
Because It may get you out of the “ECHO CHAMBER” you may have been in.

Otherwise, the causes you believe in and sincerely support – yet sometimes naively – related mostly to the liberal policies of the Democratic Party – are facing a major defeat against Republicans in all the upcoming elections: November 2022 and 2024.

You may ask:
But, doesn’t the Fox-TV promote lies? Yes, but not 100% of the time. When they report the truth, you may be missing it, cause you may be getting ALL of your news and analyses from liberal outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, and like (Very good outlets, but not truthful, accurate and unbiased at all times).

My surprising suggestion here is inspired by my idol and friend NOAM CHOMSKY:

In 2010, he publicly said he regularly watched the conservative talk-show host RUSH LIMBAUGH (who died in 2021). Chomsky explained by adding: not that he was interested in what Limbaugh had to say, but he wanted to know what Limbaugh’s callers – the ordinary Americans – were thinking, feeling and experiencing in their daily lives. Their grievances, complaints and pleas that they felt the elitists (mainly Liberal Democrats) in Washington D.C. have been ignoring for so long.

Chomsky’s words were surprising to me at the time: What?! Chomsky listening to the right-wing radio-show host Rush Limbaugh!? But, my surprise didn’t last long. I understood and appreciated what my idol was saying.

I’m sure my suggestion about watching Fox-TV is surprising to you now, as well. That’s okay. Just do it, as above, and watch your horizons expand. Your understanding of what’s really going on in America will get to be more complete, more balanced, I guarantee it.

Please don’t be out of touch with the ordinary Americans, and other viewpoints that are not “liberal” or “progressive”. If you do, you’ll inadvertently allow the Republicans win big in the upcoming elections.
I’m afraid we’re heading in that direction, once again.

Best wishes to you all 🙏
April 18, 2022


1) Prof.Noam Chomsky and me, on the film-set of my film “99%” in his MIT office (Oct 2012)
2) The late Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021).